View Full Version : Line of sight vs runway angle

Sammy Yousef
03-23-2006, 07:05 PM
As some of you know I had my first real R/C flight last weekend, which I enjoyed immensely (except for the hard landing that broke the wheels off). I've been creating a photofield of the airfield, and have noticed I have just as much trouble lining up with the runway as with the real field, despite being reasonably capable of flying G3 at Sod farm etc.

I believe I've worked out why. The pilot's box is further back at this field than at the photofields supplied with G3. Note also that for a 3d field the pilot spawn nearest the plane spawn is chosen when you hit reset. The angle between the runway and line of site at this real airfield is greater than what I'm use to. (Excellent for saftey, but harder to judge coming in for a landing).

My question is would moving pilot spawns further away from the aircraft, and creating photofields with the angle between runway and line of sight make for a smoother transition to real flying and/or a more realistic experience for rainy days away from the field? (Yes, there's still a lot that isn't realistic but would this make it closer?)