View Full Version : Does anyone fly real r/c from a chair/stool?

Sammy Yousef
06-13-2007, 03:51 AM
To cut a long story short my ankle is stuffed. I'll probably need surgery but it's the sort of surgery that sounds like something from the dark ages so while I'm taking my time making the decision based on 2 different specialists opinions, lots of annecdotal experience online. I may put it off as long as possible (read: until I can barely walk).

In the meantime while I hate to admit it the ankle flares up most at the flying field because I'm on my feet for hours on end. Can't do much about fetching the plane if the motor quits (or when I have my inevitable first crash) but I need to minimize the time I spend standing up. At the ripe old age of 32 that ankle's gonna have to last a while. (Realistically it's possible I do everything right and still end up in a mess, but I want to give it my best shot).

My question here is does anyone here fly from a stool or chair? If you do, does it interfeer with other pilots on the field, and is anyone hostile to the idea? I imagine a fixed (ie not on wheels or wheels lock) swiveling chair that I could get out of quickly would be most practical. and safest.

I'm just at the point where I've soloed and been approved to fly on my own. Much as much as I love the sim I don't want to give up the real thing. Thing is if I can't fly sitting down I think buying a second plane would be a waste of time and I should probably just sell my gear.

I was reluctant to post this. I'm not looking for any kind of sympathy, but I don't want to spend money only to find out I shouldn't have. I thought this would be the absolute best place to ask since I know enough of you here that I'll be able to judge how credible the info is.

06-13-2007, 04:23 AM
It is possible.

At a local flying field, there are a couple of vans that show up with disabled pilots. They line up in their wheel chairs at the far end of the field and they fly, I haven't seen one of them crash yet. They have an assistant fetching their planes when they land.

You may find one of your fellow fliers willing to play fetch. :)

Good luck with the ankle,

06-13-2007, 06:40 AM
Why not Putt your self around on crotches as much as posable? Sounds like a horse story mate :( Rest it as much a posable.

Seriously, if any one has a problem with the chair (Be it not a Wheel chair or what ever) they just have a Problem.

Few things come to mind.
1/ Golden retreiver
2/ Great Piloting skills
3/ Obedient wife :eek:
4/ Eager youngsters

Go for it. if You can still move your thumbs you can still fly.

I am 37 and have a bad back. (that is; it is good when good, but bad when bad) last time it was bad, I realy started to think about what i was doing with it. IE how i use it at work etc. So now I take my time. It is good now. Good enough to pick my wife up. But I don't need to do that so i don't. My son is nearly 20mths. so he can walk. and as for work.. Well, I Use my head (figuratively speaking).

NE way. Hope you were able to filter the Bull out of this one. and Well. Take it EASY. Seriously. take your time. (Do not let Pride or other rush you. it is supposed to be your Hobby. not a job)

PS we are a cruel mob down here in AU. but the crulest of all to ourself is often Ourself ;)

Good luck with the Diagnosis and Posable Operation.

06-13-2007, 06:52 AM
I like to sit in a chair when I'm flying my glider. It is a lot more relaxing. You will find a few chairs at any one time lined up on the flight line where others are using them too. I wouldnt think you would have a problem with it. I can't think of a reason why anyone else would have a problem with it either, especially if you are injured.

It might feel a little wierd at first but I say do it.

06-13-2007, 08:43 AM
There are people that do use chairs, there is even a chair out there that acts as a real pilot cock pit. stick and rudder tupe. the radio sits on the bottom and is hooked up to the chair. So my friend, there are people out there that do use chairs
and if your flying field buddies look down on that, then they should put themselves in your shoes for a day when it bothers you (your ancle that is).
I myself Have a bad back and can not get to the field anymore and quite frankley can not afford it anymore for im on dissability and what i get doesnt amount to a hill of beans.
So you go and do what you need to do to enjoy yourself and good luck with your problem.


06-13-2007, 11:42 AM
I agree with tlgibson. I fly slope and as you know flight times are alot longer than any powered plane. Who wants to stand for an hour or more at a time? But as with all the others, if anyone at your site has a problem with it then it is their problem. Dont let anyone stand in the way or you and your hobby. Good luck with the recovery!!!

06-13-2007, 02:00 PM
I fly my electric heli's indoors and I sit on a chair because I have had back surgery and have trouble standing for long periods of time also if you get enough stick time on the sim and improve your piloting skills you should have no trouble with a chair because you could land your heli close to the chair and if you fly planes you can taxi it close to your chair.I used to fly big 30 and 60 heli's but now I just stick with the small Blade CX2 or the Blade CP Pro they are just fine for me. :)

06-13-2007, 05:59 PM
well everytime i fly or drive i sit on a camp chair =P

it's not really good because i have a habit of jumping up and running to flip my car over or when my plane crashes

people always laugh when i jump up and i fell face first with the chair over my head =P

Sammy Yousef
06-13-2007, 06:39 PM
Thanks for the replies everyone. That's actually quite encouraging. The one objection I could see to using the chair is safety. I couldn't care less what people think of how I look cosmetically. (I really do mean that. I was considering modifying a dog leash as a radio transmitter neck strap because the leash is $3 and the proper straps are $35. Didn't do it in the end but only because it was too much trouble). Anyway the club I fly is full of nice blokes, but they're very conservative when it comes to safety.

I'll have to just take a chair next time I go flying and see how it goes.

06-13-2007, 06:39 PM
He had a friend build it for him he based it of of the cockpit of his full scale cub, and he took apart an old controler and modified it, all he has to do is plug his actual working controler to send out a signal he flys from the chair when ever he flys his 1/3 scale cub he can also use his controler as a budy box to let other people fly, like an instuctor. he as well has a c-130, wich he is building a chair for, the cub chair is for sale. his c-130 chair is going to be scale as well.

06-13-2007, 08:06 PM
TO me the only thing that you should have if disabled would be to have a Spotter with you during your flight , and this person could also fetch your plane. some AMA clubs require a spotter be with you at all times. this is for safety I think the reason is for limited mobility in case something goes wrong. Remember Radios can be effected by interference at the very least. something we all forget at times. nothing always works perfectly so one must always be on guard.

as far as other members frowning on disabled flying, they need a life. again if AMA involved you are totally welcome to fly and should not be discouraged on the contrary you should be encouraged to fly.

it is a hobby for enjoyment, but safety rules are there to keep it that way.

06-13-2007, 10:51 PM
Heh-heh! Yes! There is a local flyer who sets-up with his chair, his easy-bee slowflyer, and then sits for the duration(s) with his 2.4 ghz radio system. I was harassing his slow-bee one day, and he thought it was funny!

Laid-back, calm, cool and collected. In another 20 years, I hope to be just like him! BWAAHAAHAA!


06-14-2007, 12:06 AM
lol spotters are cool, my dad's a spotter, he hand launch the planes for me, he had like a million cuts on his arm =P

06-14-2007, 12:40 AM
im only 18 and i always sit down while im wringin' out 3D.....partly because my flight times can last up to 45 minutes with the electrics...
but dont worry about it...
besides, you'll find people who will copy your idea


45 mins with electric? What are you flying and what kind of of batteries? Never heard of that!