View Full Version : P-51 Mustang Slope Soarer

09-08-2007, 11:31 AM
Hi there!

I'm still very new to Real Flight G3.5, but I'm having a lot of fun :)

I've had a go at modifying the H9 P-51 EA to make it into a slope soarer. I've deleted the engine, altered the CofG and increased the weight of the fuselage. I tried to delete the landing gear but all that happened was that the gear was then fixed down rather than disappearing. It's set to hand launch at your favourite slope, but the gear has to be retracted before flight. This does result in the aircraft falling to the ground, but once you've reset the aircraft once, the gear stays up and the hand launch goes OK.

In flight, it's pretty good although I realise that my "conversion" isn't very elegant. If anybody can give me any pointers how to make a better job of this, I'd be glad to receive them.

I'm looking for other "powered" slope soarers but I haven't found any yet.