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03-25-2012, 01:54 AM
Minor changes to two components, ( And a couple of struts ) could change the Switch into 5 planes, one fuselage! If they "Flyzone" were to add 10 inch wing stubs "with flaps" to the high wing canopy. Make 15 inch wings in addition to the 20.3 inch stock wings. Add 1 channel, 5 , up is flaps up down is down. We could have a 34 inch wing span sport, 45" sport, 45" high wing, 53" high wing "with flaps" and with new canopy and stock wings a 63" W/flaps. I'm new to the hobby but it works on my sim. Please "test fly" these AV's. I don't have the software or abilty to finnish these properly. I, and I know of at least one other, would love to see properly done AV's of these on the swap pages. Does anybody out there have the time, software, ability and interest? to finnish these 3 AV's I've started? Tell me what you think of this! "Really" I like the people of this forum with experience, to fill me in on what I'm missing. I know it's a load!

03-25-2012, 07:55 AM
The only software required to do an AV is Real Flight. You won't learn how to edit planes if you don't try. You can add or subtract length to the wings in the physics editor, but you won't see any changes . The visual appearance of a model cannot be modified by anyone. Sometimes you can talk the author of a model to make shorter wings, etc., but the one you refer to is a stock model. Can't be done.

If this is what you like to do with RF, do it! Don't worry about wasting time, your's or anyone else's. I make models that no one else is interested in, except the guy who requested it. If I wanted to make models for the masses, I'd make nothing but Yaks, Sukhois, Edges, and Extras. I enjoy modeling. I do it for me. (and to give the Maj. something to color!)

03-25-2012, 03:13 PM
Thanks jeffpn !! I did the editing the AV's are attached to my first post, I think they work great. I did not know the appearance could not be changed.
?? give the Maj. something to color ? I've removed the stock decals from my plane, changing the color scheme. If I were to post images of it when finnished it. Is a color change to my model possible?