View Full Version : How do you setup a standard controler? like a wingman extreme?

08-14-2001, 02:32 PM
My brother thinks his controler isnt "acurate" so i told him to try his game pad he normaly uses for other games. how can we set the X and Y axis so that it works with the buttons? the only way we can get it setup is the up for throttle and down for break. he cant drive it that way and neither can i. can we change the up for the A button and break for the B button? it seems to be a little more acurate as far as when we calibrate it the blue bars dont twitch with the RealRace controlers. both of ours kinda flicker or twitch a little. i dont notice it in the game but we can see it in the calibrate menu.

My System:
Abit BX133R (mainbord)
2 15gig 7200 IBMs in RAID!
P3 700E@950mhz
256 megs Mushkin
SBlive platnum
3Com nic, cable
Pioneer DVD
NewQ gold