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r/f g2
08-26-2003, 12:11 AM
Derek Bloom I had a problem here.End of this month I will get my r/f g2(used)from someone that is selling to me.The question is I think everybody facing the same problem too.
I had to ask the original owner to e-mail to tham to delete his registretion and convert it into my registration right? By the way what's the e-mail adderss to contact?I had to let the original owner know about it.And also after I get my g2 do I need to install but not to run the syster yet because I need to installing the newer version and DX9.0 right?What are the procedure for transfer I need to do?...(PC)?....
My pc run at p4,40Gb,R9500 128 card,speed 512ram will my pc work?...Let me know what to do TKSssssss Derek Bloom.
From:Jameswilliam / Singapore