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P-51 Mustang II True3D_AV
File Details
P-51 Mustang II True3D_AV
  • Size: 25.6 KB
    Requires: P-51 Mustang from RealFlight G3
    Version: 3.50.033
  • Author: LevelTrim
    Date Added: 01-16-2007
    Downloads: 825
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    P-51 Mustang True 3D. Transforms from basically a completely stock Mustang to a fully aerobatic 3D.

    low rates + 3 pos switch down = regular sport (stock w/ high rates)

    low rates + 3 pos switch up = extreme sport

    high rates + 3 pos switch down = sport 3d

    high rates + 3 pos switch up = extreme 3d

    In the 'extreme' modes, the P-51 exhibits a full strip aileron feature, allowing the aircraft more roll leverage from propwash during stationary hovers. Enjoy.
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