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Incom T-65_EA
File Details
Incom T-65_EA
  • Size: 6.62 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: red 5, Variant:
    Version: 4.50.025
  • Author: DirtyHarry3033
    Date Added: 12-25-2009
    Downloads: 14939
    Score: 9.9 (22 votes)
    Not so long ago, at an RC field fairly close by...

    For Star Wars fans, here is the T-65 X-wing starfighter manufactured by Incom Corporation. This model represents Luke Skywalker's Red 5.


    - S-foils can be set to 3 positions
    - Laser cannon, S-foils and engines can break off separately
    - VTOL, with STOL and rolling takeoffs/landings added by request
    - R2D2's head rotates with rudder
    - Lighted instrument panel, engines, R2D2 and strobe/anticollision for night flying

    Flight Controls:

    3-position switch - Open/close S-foils. Down = closed, center = open 15 deg, up = open 30 deg
    Left switch - Dual rates
    Right switch - Landing gear
    Knob - Turbine thrust, fully clockwise = vertical, fully counterclockwise = horizontal


    3D Model - DirtyHarry3033, with thanks to dhk79 for providing a "freebie" 3D model of the X-wing that I used as reference for areas that were not clear in my 3-views. I did NOT use any parts from this model, all the 3D work is mine.

    "Luke" figure - Herc40, with posing, modifications and mapping by DirtyHarry3033

    CS - DirtyHarry3033, based on pics of of EFX Collectibles studio-scale X-wing

    Physics - DirtyHarry3033, based loosely on G4.5 Harrier model

    Enjoy, and may the force be with you

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    Selected Comments
    12-27-200910davevhAwesome, always wanted to fly one of these when I was a kid. Great detail!!!!
    12-26-200910dminklerFor us this was a great day after Christmas present, as we were to busy flying and crashing to hit the web for new stuff. - Thanks!!!
    12-26-200910KennimakSimiply Incredible.... This plane actually feels like flying Luke Skywaker's Red 5. This could be the Plane-of-the-Year if there is such an award for RF RCs. On a scale of 1 to 10.... I modestly give you a 20. (Mystic Voodoo)
    02-07-201410jjfThis plane is the best is one of the best space ships! You can even fold the wings up and down and land vertical!
    12-26-200910Bo-105 PilotMy new fav. plane!!!!! Very cool!I was thinking last week and I thought, "Man someone has got to some star wars stuff on the swaps." And you did it!! Dude get like the 1st TIE fighter and like the ARK fighter and all that jazz dud this will be fricken awesome!!! 100/10!

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