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TIE Interceptor_EA
File Details
TIE Interceptor_EA
  • Size: 2.62 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: tie interceptor, Variant:
    Version: 4.50.025
  • Author: DirtyHarry3033
    Date Added: 12-25-2009
    Downloads: 14491
    Score: 9.9 (18 votes)
    For Star Wars fans, here is the Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Interceptor.


    - VTOL only - invisible "landing gear" on the lower panels allow model to balance on ground
    - Solar panels break off in 3 different sections
    - Panel struts break off
    - Darth Vader

    Flight Controls:

    Left switch - Dual rates
    Right switch - Smoke
    Knob - Turbine thrust, fully clockwise = vertical, fully counterclockwise = horizontal


    3D Model - DirtyHarry3033, with thanks to James R. Bassett for his fine freeware TIE Interceptor which was a valuable reference for details

    Darth Vader - Original model by Shatgan of 3dstudio.com, with poly reduction, posing and mapping by DirtyHarry3033

    CS - DirtyHarry3033

    Physics - DirtyHarry3033, based loosely on the G4.5 Harrier

    Enjoy, and may the Force be with you!
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    Selected Comments
    01-05-201010jacob mckeannice :-2
    12-25-200910Joe_mommadon't ya just love those jealous bastards that rate low and give a 5 to hide their name cause they can't create ANYTHING..* Great model, flies and looks great!!!!
    12-26-200910Bo-105 PilotVery cool!I was thinking last week and I thought, "Man someone has got to some star wars stuff on the swaps." And you did it!! Dude get like the 1st TIE fighter and like the ARK fighter and all that jazz dud this will be fricken awesome!!! 100/10!
    02-04-201010gokartin1hah i like the inside
    12-25-200910ven2sWow, highly original, thanks for a great Christmas surprise!

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