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MooSkullys Extra 327L Bipe_AV
File Details
MooSkullys Extra 327L Bipe_AV
  • Size: 30.2 KB
    Requires: Extra 300L from RealFlight G4
    Version: 4.50.050
  • Author: Maj. Numbskully
    Date Added: 03-26-2010
    Downloads: 480
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    This is a bipe edit By Maj. Numbskully's P-51Fifty
    From Dr. Moo's “Moo Customs Extra 327L”
    Available at his site(see below)

    MooSkullys Extra 327L Bipe
    Added 2nd wing (breakable)
    RC Aerobatic Airfoils , Increased Cord tips and roots
    Separate Aileron Servos (4)
    Moved tail back and increased the cord (Horz. And Vert.)
    Separate left and right Elev..Servos
    Adjusted lift(Corrected for bipe)
    IDLE KILL(Knob to left) IDLE\FLIGHT( Knob to Right)
    Rotate your knob to the right and it will idle in the 700RPM range. When its rotated to the left the motor cannot idle, and will die
    note: the CS in the thumbnail is : "Extra Tequila Sunrise 4_5"(see below)

    Get Dr.moo's “Moo Customs Extra 327L” Here:
    Here's Dr. Moo's description of His 327L.....
    Standard features:
    This is a Limited Edition Course Racer that I created. It's a Extra 300L with the Flight Physics from an Extra 330 3D, and a custom Turbo Charged Engine. Its a 300L but not quite a 330 so csgill75 and I came up with the name of "327L." It will do about 116MPH W.O.T. and is a Very nice plane to Cruise around with in Low rates.
    It was originally designed to do Obstacle Courses faster than a Yak, with less of the "Snappy-ness" the Yak-54 has. I discovered that it 3D's well, and has become one of My favorite planes to fly. It has 2 Thrusters set up to act, and sound like a Turbo. Also you can kill the Engine by rotating the knob to the left. To make the engine run after you reset, make sure the Knob is to the right!
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