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Bergen Gasser (Nitro Conversion)_AV
File Details
Bergen Gasser (Nitro Conversion)_AV
  • Size: 40.5 KB
    Requires: Bergen Gasser from Expansion Pack 1
    Version: 5.00.032
  • Author: mwilson914
    Date Added: 04-03-2010
    Downloads: 654
    Score: n/a (Ratings disabled by uploader)
    Bergen Gasser (Nitro Conversion)

    Second upload--Didn't notice shaking on first AV, so I removed it. Hope you like this edit.

    This is the nice looking gasser from Expansion Pack 1. I did a conversion to the stock OS .91 SZ-H motor and changed a few parameters to make this a nice 3D flyer. Not much was needed changed to get the performance I wanted from it.
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