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F-14 Tomcat_EA
File Details
F-14 Tomcat_EA
  • Size: 2.22 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: f-14 jolly roger, Variant: F-14 heavy
    Version: 3.50.044
  • Author: inky00
    Date Added: 02-07-2007
    Downloads: 39456
    Score: 8.5 (23 votes)
    F-14 Tomcat with Retractable wings.
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    Selected Comments
    04-17-20088futuramafreak30Cool! Great fun to have dogfights with other flyers in multiplayer! You can see the wheels when you raise the gear though.
    03-06-20085tyler14when the retractes are up you can see the back wheeles
    03-15-20099apollo_13how come when the wings are retracted, up elevator mixes with left alieron???
    01-19-200810ven2sAnother one of my favorite EA envelope pushers!!!! Fast, folding wings and that big jet sound!!! I love it!
    04-28-20089VikingwarriorNice, but needs those canard-like wings that come out when at high speed

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