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F-14 Tomcat_EA
File Details
F-14 Tomcat_EA
  • Size: 2.22 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: f-14 jolly roger, Variant: F-14 heavy
    Version: 3.50.044
  • Author: inky00
    Date Added: 02-07-2007
    Downloads: 39220
    Score: 8.5 (23 votes)
    F-14 Tomcat with Retractable wings.
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    Selected Comments
    01-23-201410jjfThis plane flys awsome!
    01-01-201010mwilson914Great looking model. I'm not sure if it's a compatability issue or not, but the thing rolls when the wings are retracted and I don't see the main wings moving the ailerons at all. Easy fix for a great model. 10!
    02-27-20117hayden363Great plane, looks good, fly's good but when the gears are up you can see them on TOP of the wings, and also. Its actually faster when the wings are FORWARD! The whole point of the retractable wings is so that its faster (Less Drag) But overall its a good plane. 7.
    03-15-20099apollo_13how come when the wings are retracted, up elevator mixes with left alieron???
    04-17-20088futuramafreak30Cool! Great fun to have dogfights with other flyers in multiplayer! You can see the wheels when you raise the gear though.

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