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Douglas TBD-1 Devastator_EA
File Details
Douglas TBD-1 Devastator_EA
  • Size: 9.58 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: devastator vt-8 midway, Variant:
    Version: 4.50.025
  • Author: DirtyHarry3033
    Date Added: 06-04-2010
    Downloads: 10223
    Score: 9.9 (19 votes)
    June 4, 2010

    Here is my long-overdue Douglas TBD-1 Devastator, representing the Devastator flown by Ens George Gay, the sole survivor of VT-8 at the Battle of Midway. This model is dedicated to the heroic sacrifice made by the men of Torpedo Squadron 8 on June 4, 1942.

    From Wikipedia, a list of the fallen:

    * Lt. Commander John C. Waldron
    * Lt. Raymond A. Moore
    * Lt. James C. Owens, Jr.
    * Lt.(jg) George M. Campbell
    * Lt.(jg) John P. Gray
    * Lt.(jg) Jeff D. Woodson
    * Ens. William W. Abercrombie
    * Ens. William W. Creamer
    * Ens. Harold J. Ellison
    * Ens. William R. Evans
    * Ens. Henry R. Kenyon
    * Ens. Ulvert M. Moore
    * Ens. Grant W. Teats
    * Robert B. Miles, Aviation Pilot 1c
    * Horace F. Dobbs, Chief Radioman
    * Amelio Maffei, Radioman 1
    * Tom H. Pettry, Radioman 1
    * Otway D. Creasy, Jr. Radioman 2
    * Ross H. Bibb, Jr., Radioman 2
    * Darwin L. Clark, Radioman 2
    * Ronald J. Fisher, Radioman 2
    * Hollis Martin, Radioman 2
    * Bernerd P. Phelps Radioman 2
    * Aswell L. Picou, Seaman 2
    * Francis S. Polston, Seaman 2
    * Max A. Calkins, Radioman 3
    * George A. Field, Radioman 3
    * Robert K. Huntington, Radioman 3
    * William F. Sawhill, Radioman 3

    Pilots of VT-8's Avenger detachment lost:

    * Lt. Langdon K. Fieberling, Commanding
    * Ensign O.J. Gaynier
    * Ensign V.A. Lewis
    * Ensign C. E. Brannon
    * AMM1c D. D. Woodside

    ================================================== ========
    Flight controls are as expected. Switch assignments:

    Knob - Flaps
    Top Right - Landing Gear
    Top Left - Torpedo Drop
    3-Position - Down = Canopy closed, wings unfolded.
    .............Center = Canopy open, wings unfolded.
    .............Up = Canopy open, wings folded.

    Elevator forward = Apply brakes

    ================================================== ========
    The rear gunner's canopy and MG configuration can be changed in the editor by changing "Engine to Show" in the Engine component:

    4STROKE = Canopy open, twin .30cal MG mount (correct for VT-8 CS)
    2STROKE = Canopy open, single .30cal MG mount (correct for Yellow Wings CS)
    ELECTRIC = Canopy closed, MG stowed in bin (for either CS)
    NONE = Canopy and MG will NOT be shown

    Note - make sure "Display Advanced Properties" is selected in the Editor options!

    ================================================== ========

    Visual model - DirtyHarry3033
    Physics model - DirtyHarry3033
    CS - DirtyHarry3033
    Pilot figures - Herc40, with modifications, posing, poly reduction and mapping by DirtyHarry3033
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    Selected Comments
    06-04-201010longboardlax14This is one beautiful bird. Thank you!
    01-23-201410jjfBest rc navy torpedo plane on realflight that i know of.
    11-29-201110knifeedge63Great Job!
    06-05-201010flmmanA beauty indeed! I rated for workmanship, not for any software glitches that may have been encountered
    06-06-201010ven2sI allowed the DDS alot of time to download, no rushing. It loaded well and I have had no crashing in my G5. Suggest those of you having troubles reload the EA. It flies great and even the torpedoe tracks well! Very nice job!!

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