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Fokker DR-1 Real(COMBAT)Scale PREMIUM_AV
File Details
Fokker DR-1 Real(COMBAT)Scale PREMIUM_AV
  • Size: 69.3 KB
    Requires: Fokker DR-1 from Add-Ons 2
    Version: 5.10.027
  • Author: LevelTrim
    Date Added: 09-11-2010
    Downloads: 764
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    Takeoff Roll: 220 ft
    Max Speed: 115 MPH
    Stall Speed: 45 MPH

    WOW we are having lots of fun on MULTIMODE using our old G3 Interlinks and other Interlinks with this WWI era dogfighting!!!

    Dual rates switch controls the smoke switch. Smoke / retracts controls the smoke color, and can be used to set teams. Red and black are used, but can be replaced by any colors of your choosing.

    A1) Standard Machinegun = down on 3-pos switch
    A2) High Explosive Rockets = up on 3-pos switch

    B1) MACHINE SNIPER = quarter to half on flaps knob (extremely fast [muzzle velocity] and damaging long-range rounds)
    B2) AIR-MINE = 3 quarters to full on flaps knob (Leaves a large stationary [devastating] explosive device in your wake)

    To get a chance to truly test out your weapons, use the WEAPONS TESTING RANGE map also supplied here at the swap pages! What makes MultiMode so fun is that OTHER PLAYER AIRCRAFT receive DAMAGE from even the SHOCKWAVES OF EXPLOSIONS, and of course from machinegun bullets as well.

    A WWI enthusiast's MUST HAVE!!! Enjoy
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