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ParkZone Vapor_EA
File Details
ParkZone Vapor_EA
  • Size: 3.66 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: vapor1, Variant:
    Version: 5.10.028
  • Author: JCHarrist
    Date Added: 09-22-2010
    Downloads: 11649
    Score: 10 (20 votes)
    Ultra-micro 3-channel flyer. The Vapor is small enough, and slow enough to be flown in a basement, garage, living room, as well as outdoors in very low wind conditions. Model, color scheme and physics by J.C. Harrist.
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    Selected Comments
    01-16-201210master22perfect. need I say more?
    10-23-201010cfossaAnother awesome micro-flyer! Can't wait to see what you do next.
    10-02-201010RealGamblerSound from motor could be improved, and a little touch more power. Otherwise, this is a big WOW all the way. If you're not already working for Parkzone, they should hire you!!!
    09-30-201110pdmarshIt's all been said in the other reviews, but I want to say it as well--great job! This flies just like the real thing. Exceeded my expectations.

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