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File Details
  • Size: 8.55 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: pro_base, Variant:
    Version: 4.50.050
  • Author: polypoke
    Date Added: 10-08-2010
    Downloads: 27732
    Score: 10 (38 votes)
    Skip Stewart's Prometheus

    The Aircraft
    Stunt Pilot Corkey Fornof states... "Prometheus the flying machine is part Pitts Special and the rest is Skip and Christina Stewart. Starting as a Pitts S-2S, Prometheus has been highly modified to give Skip the airshow machine he wanted. This flying machine looks like a good old American Hot Rod. The horsepower was increased to 400, the big 3 bladed prop reminds you of oversized racing slicks, the rear canted landing gear makes it look fast sitting on the ground and the paint job yells 'Street Rod.'

    With a climb rate of 4000 FPM, Max speed of 197 MPH, Stall speed of 58 MPH, Empty weight of 1146 lbs. and a ferry range of 405 miles, this is an all muscle bi-plane."

    The Pilot
    Skip Stewart is one of the most entertaining airshow pilots in the world today. He has over 8000 hours of flying experience, is an airline transport pilot, certified flight instructor, has owned and operated an aerobatic flight school, earned gold medals in regional aerobatic competitions, served as a chief pilot for a fortune 100 company and has spent more than 10 years entertaining airshow fans around the world.

    The Model
    This aircraft represents a 40% scale version of Prometheus created by Owen Hewitt (polypoke) and Larry Griffiths (twoeleven). Special thanks to Skip Stewart for cooperation during the build process. Thanks also goes to Patric Leis whom built a 42% version of Skip's plane and provided help along the way. Marco Türr and Sebastian Skupch are to be recognized for providing a high-resolution 3-D model that acted as a 3-D template for the version I have built. Their design provided an excellent resource. Thanks to Doug Kaye for CoG and aircraft weight advice.

    For more information on Skip and his airshow schedule, visit http://www.skipstewartairshows.com.

    See it fly here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqEodrc9K3g

    Features 4096x4096 bitmaps!

    Ch. 5 controls dual rates
    Ch. 7 controls smoke
    Ch. 8 operates the sliding canopy


    Owen Hewitt
    Become a fan! http://www.facebook.com/polypoke

    Larry Griffiths
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    Selected Comments
    10-08-2010103-DManAwesome work! Love the model.
    10-08-201010CowpigWhat? Up already? It's great...
    10-08-201010mwilson914Incredible work guys. It's in my top 3 favorite planes in Realflight now. Not joking about that either.
    01-22-201110burrinatorAwsome work!!
    08-24-201210Kris...All i can say is W@W this is the best Bi in RF and any other sim just amazing !

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