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File Details
  • Size: 16.27 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: delorean, Variant:
    Version: 4.50.021
  • Author: ViennaLex76
    Date Added: 11-03-2010
    Downloads: 19925
    Score: 10 (34 votes)
    "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need... roads!"
    Doc Emmett Brown pronounced these words just before to activate the VTOL-Engine of the DeLorean and fly with 88mph to the future, the october 21st 2015, 04:29PM.
    Enjoy the driving and hovering of the DeLorean from Back to the Future 2 with this replica for RealFlight G4.5
    Almost everything is animated! Open the doors and watch the steering-gear, pedals and RPM Needle rotate.
    Drive it in the night and enjoy the full animated LED panel, time display, flux capacitor and undercarriage lights.
    I only forgot to wash the car before to post, so please ignore the tar spots on the body and the hand smudges on the windows ;-)

    Channels affectation:
    CH1 to CH4 : as usual in VTOL mode
    CH5 : UP > front gear | DOWN > rear gear (only in drive mode)
    CH6 : Knob CW-turned > VTOL (only in flight mode) | CCW-turned forward flight
    CH7 : Open doors
    CH8 : Push UP > Drive mode | MIDDLE > Hover mode, Flight mode | Pull DOWN > gears retract
    Kill engine : opens Mr. Fusion (reset for refuelling)

    Just for fun, here a short video I found on YouTube about the DeLorean driven by Doc with Einstein inside:
    BTTF - temporal experiment nr.2

    Modeling, texturing and physics by ViennaLex76
    Tested ONLY under G4.5 with standard RealFlight Controller.


    P.S. This project is JUST FOR FUN so please don't make a comment like "the aerodynamic of the car is wrong" A car... well... can't fly. It's like that, the aerodynamic of a real car isn't made for flying so I had to cheat, BUT it looks approximately like in the movie :-D
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    Color Schemes: sponsored_CS
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    Selected Comments
    11-04-201010opjoseWhere do I buy the RC version of this excellent model?
    11-04-201010Maj. Numbskullyya..................... what they said
    11-04-201010flmmanI can't believe it...how freakin' cool is that!! That's got to be one of the most creative things that I've ever seen, not just on RF either. Some kind of award should be handed out or something..
    11-04-201010CowpigWOW-this is so friggin' AWESOME!! Never thought someone was actually making it! One that deserves more than 10!

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