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File Details
  • Size: 3.59 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: Breitling MXS-r, Variant:
    Version: 5.50.019
  • Author: Maj. Numbskully
    Date Added: 11-25-2010
    Downloads: 15285
    Grade: 10 (18 votes)
    89.5" wingspan
    Powered by a DA50

    3D Model by jeffpn
    Spinner by Dr. Moo !
    Color Scheme by Maj. Numbskully

    Since this is an RC sim , we went for the RC look
    It has the appearance of life like balsa /Monokote/fiberglass construction with a Carbon fiber spinner and struts
    Pilot even turns his head in sync. with the ailerons

    special thanks to td9cowboy for "donating" his pilot head
    hope he's recovering from surgery
    enjoy !
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    Selected Comments
    11-25-201010DeewngYou All Have a GREAT Plane to be proud of. Of course look at who did it. No Less expected. Fast, durable, balanced. Does have a tendency to climb in straight and level flight but then I was over 2/3 throttle as I think about it. So that might be expected. Love the detail of the paint job and the visual of underlying frame thru it. Thank you ALL
    11-26-201010Keith LoweSUPERB DETAIL, as Maj' says "lifelike detail of the balsa visible thro' the Monocote", fabulous effort indeed!! The Maestro does it again. Thanks a lot to Maj' and helpers.
    11-25-201010Odd BallI got it to work! I will upload my AV soon. Great flying plane!
    11-25-201010flip3dVery nice! Only issue is a roll out in tight turns (easily corrected). Well done guys!
    11-25-201010CowpigVery well done!! Great job on the detail. Flies very nice. Everything coming in just keeps getting better and better. Dr. Moo-GREAT job on the spinner!

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