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File Details
  • Size: 1.88 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: habu, Variant:
    Version: 4.50.050
  • Author: dhk79
    Date Added: 12-28-2010
    Downloads: 12029
    Score: 9.9 (26 votes)
    The ParkZone Habu EDF Jet is a thriller capable of blistering speeds and precise aerobatics. When it comes time to throttle back and enter the pattern, the Habuís remarkably wide flight envelope and forgiving slow-speed handling will reward anyone used to flying faster sport planes with picture-perfect, nose-high touch downs and takeoffs.

    Modeled for RealFlight by Doug Kaye (DHK79) as a special request.
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    Color Schemes: Habu Micro CS_CS
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    Selected Comments
    12-29-201010mwilson914I like the physics setup on this model Doug. The model looks great too. Really nice CS to compliment the model.
    07-08-201710koko1001This aircraft really is a masterpiece. My only problem is that I really don't consider "blistering speeds" as 75 mph. LOL maybe that's just me.
    12-30-201010Maj. Numbskullynice
    12-31-201010THE MANNcool was not exspeting one of these nice i have this plane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    01-01-201110ven2sLots of fun, very realistic!

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