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File Details
  • Size: 1,012.0 KB
    Includes: Color Scheme: Delro Raven XXL, Variant:
    Version: 5.50.025
  • Author: abaser
    Date Added: 05-03-2011
    Downloads: 6314
    Score: 9.7 (16 votes)
    My first scratch build upload. This is a 150cc EG Aircraft Raven done in the Delro CS. This would not have been possible without the help of the following people

    EA by abaser
    CS by bmz_loop
    Pivots and linking by Jeffpn
    Physics by Dhk79 and abaser
    Chrome by Maj. Numbskully
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    Variants: Raven_AV, Raven Electric_AV, Raven_DHK_AV, Raven_DHK electric_AV
    Color Schemes: Red falcon_CS, Green falcon_CS, Blue falcon_CS
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    Selected Comments
    05-04-201110phenomwow good job for your first model even if this wasnt your first model this would still be very good
    05-04-201110spot242Sweet plane man
    10-23-201110Ghost129erDude, this is one sick plane, love it totally! Ghost129er
    05-13-201210davidduval17Nice one !
    06-19-201110seahawk1984Nicely Done! This one is one my favorites out of all the EA's I've downloaded.

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