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Multiplex Fun Cub2_CS
File Details
Multiplex Fun Cub2_CS
  • Size: 503.3 KB
    Requires: Super_Cub_EA
    Version: 6.00.038
    Author: rrlouis1
    Date Added: 03-12-2012
    Downloads: 2808
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    Thanks to Doug Schluter and brentg for all their work creating the super cub. I wanted to do an AV on this plane and put in an electric engine, but I've had too much fun flying this gas version so I didn't change that part. And this is the only model in the swap files that I found with the tundra wheels and tires. I like the CS of the Fun Cub and there are many of them out in clubs since they are so versatile and straightforward to assemble. I've included our Flying Pilgrims patch on the underside of the H-stab for the sake of the guys in my club!
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