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Bristol F2b_EA
File Details
Bristol F2b_EA
  • Size: 17.58 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: Bristol F2b, Variant:
    Version: 6.50.011
    Author: Madratter
    Date Added: 12-02-2012
    Downloads: 3441
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    This is a 1/4 scale model of the Bristol F.2b, used by the RAF in the Great War.

    Channel Five controls the dual rates. These are setup so that in the low position (towards you) the plane will fly in a more scale like manner. However in the high position (away from you) the plane is setup to fly sport.

    Channel 6 (the rotary knob) controls the elevation of the observers rear facing Lewis Gun.

    Channel 8 (the three position switch) controls the firing of the front facing Vickers Machine Gun. The rear facing Lewis gun is not set to fire. RF6 does not properly track the direction the gun should be firing so I left it out.

    Note that rudder authority is pretty poor because the rudder itself is quite small. This is historically accurate.

    My thanks to Boof who posted the original pilot figure used as the pilot and observer. I have made modications to them. My thanks also to Willsonman for his many suggestions on the physics and for the original idea to do this plane. And finally thanks to all those in the RF6 design forum who helped with questions, or just followed the project. It is easier to keep going on a long project when others are showing interest. I appreciate it.

    NOTE: This is a large file and it will take a long time to build the DDS files. Please be patient.

    NOTE2: This EA uses a custom prop. Prior versions of RF may not import it correctly if at all.
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