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Boeing 747-400ER_EA
File Details
Boeing 747-400ER_EA
  • Size: 2.14 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: Boeing 747-400 Qantas, Variant: Boeing 747-400ER Qantas - G350044
    Version: 3.50.044
  • Author: Seraphim
    Date Added: 05-06-2007
    Downloads: 46762
    Score: 8.6 (23 votes)

    To all addicted RealFlight pilots:

    This is an update of my original mod/rework of Master Nizz's original NASA 747b "beta" version posted a while back on the old swap pages. Airfoils, control surfaces, engines, programming, color scheme, etc. were completely reworked for better flight/functionality characteristics and a more scale appearance. I've always loved the way Qantas planes looked with the gloss white body and red tail paintwork...so hopefully you don't mind flying this my Aussie skinned version around. This mod is tweaked for the new flight dynamics included in RealFlight G3.50.044. It lands with a nice nose-high AOA and will even knife-edge like a champ for those who want to throw their passengers around. ;c)

    5/5/2007 UPDATES INCLUDE:
    - Two Position Spoilers: In-Flight & Landing w/ Thrust Reversing
    - CG & Weight Changes
    - Nose Wheel Turn Radius
    - Brakes Enhanced
    - Engines: 4 Jetcat P80 Turbines for Scale Flight/Power
    - Engine Smoke/Gas Trail
    - Component Strengthening
    - Servo Speed and Throw Changes


    - Channel 1: Ailerons
    - Channel 2: Elevator
    - Channel 3: Throttle
    - Channel 4: Rudder
    - Channel 5: Landing Gear
    - Channel 6: Flaps (Knob (7-O-Clock UP, 12-O-Clock HALF, 5-O-Clock FULL DOWN)
    - Channel 7: Dual Rates
    - Channel 8: Brakes (Use Down Elevator)
    - Channel 9: Spoilers & Thrust Reversing (0 DEG - BACK, 15 DEG - MIDDLE, 75 DEG w/ Thrust Reversing - FORWARD)

    TAKEOFFS: For typical 'Sod Field' runway length, one-quarter to half-flaps using the knob is recommended for a nice scale liftoff. Make sure your spoilers are off (3 Position Switch - Back). Use 100% Throttle for takeoff roll. When the plane starts to near runway end, start giving it some up elevator to lift the nose off the runway. Easy does it...let it rotate into the sky with a nice smooth transition. To shorten takeoffs further, use full flaps using the knob. Once airborne, retract the gear and start notching up the flaps and climb to altitude.

    CRUISE: Use around 67% Throttle for a nice scale cruise at around 145MPH. Trim your plane at desired speed. With 4 turbines gunning at 100%, you'll easily find yourself speeding across the sky at around 180+MPH. It will fly like it's on rails and will perform aerobatic maneuvers with elegance. In a full-on nose dive, you'll easily exceed 280MPH...and the plane can take it. For a more scale flight, use low rates and keep the speed down! ;c)

    LANDING: To slow down, cut throttle to idle to bleed off speed on the down leg, or reduce throttle in combination with 15 DEG spoilers (3-Position Switch - Middle). On the base and final legs, start to add in flaps to their full position and lower the landing gear on final. Keep the nose level or with a slight nose-high AOA and don't let your speed drop below 50MPH. If the nose starts to drop or your plane starts to sink too fast, level your nose and add power to avoid a stall, but don't over do it. 4 clicks (3-to-5) of throttle will allow you to ride the plane to the runway on a nice glide slope. Once you're a few feet above ground, cut your throttle and flair slightly. Once the main gear is on the ground, kick in full spoilers with thrust reversing (3 Position Switch - Forward). Use down elevator to apply brakes to help if needed. Remember to kill the thrust reversing (3 Position Switch - Back/Middle) and/or add full brakes before stopping, otherwise you'll find yourself reverse taxing down the runway!

    I hope you all like these changes...enjoy!

    Peter (AKA Seraphim)

    NOTE: After you import, please remember to restart RealFlight!!!

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    Selected Comments
    09-18-20108a4magicI Gave it all its got sir but i just cant break it
    06-03-200810VikingwarriorNice, I like the way you set it up to go in reverse......
    03-09-20089jttThis thing is amazing! I've got it going pretty fast...only to crash into something :). Great job!
    03-02-200810jessebassercan you mod it for g4 that would be great thanks.

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