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R-100 Bugatti PSS Slope Soarer_AV
File Details
R-100 Bugatti PSS Slope Soarer_AV
  • Size: 37.8 KB
    Requires: R-100 Bugatti._EA
    Version: 6.50.016
    Author: Imageek2
    Date Added: 06-01-2013
    Downloads: 496
    Score: n/a (Ratings disabled by uploader)
    A PSS version of the Bugatti R-100. Ready For the slope!


    Originally recreated for Real Flight by Doug Kaye, this is a 1/5 scale model of the R-100. Modified by Imageek2.

    RealFlight Aircraft Specifications-

    Nine Servo Channels:

    Ailerons (2)
    Elevon (2)
    Spoilers - Controlled by the 3-position switch on top left the InterLink controller. Forward position is normal flight modes, with no spoilers and the flaps operating normally. Middle position is Dive Brake mode that couples flaps and spoilers to operate inverse of the throttle position. Rear position is full air-brake mode to slow down after landing. The flaps also function normally in this mode.

    I like Dive Brake mode. Full throttle for normal flight, Down throttle to brake. I set the control surface outputs to 140% to increase responsiveness.

    Dual Rates - Controlled by the 2-position switch located on the front left of the InterLink controller.
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