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Boxie Flier_EA
File Details
Boxie Flier_EA
  • Size: 521.4 KB
    Includes: Color Scheme: boxie flier, Variant:
    Version: 7.50.011
    Author: technoid
    Date Added: 01-29-2015
    Downloads: 795
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    I released my first plane about a week ago called Boxie Flyer, it was named after the excellent BoxTrainer tutorial by Boof69. After I released it I ask the designers in the RealFlight 7 Designers Corner to take a look and let me know where I could have done better. I got some excellent feedback and wanted to incorporate all the changes into Boxie Flyer, but the Swap Pages doesn't have any version control so I had to make a decision. First I could release an AV which requires the user to have the original plane installed or I could release it under a different name as an EA so you only need one plane installed to enjoy all of the changes. I didn't want to have two planes installed, the original and a variant, to fly my plane so I decided to release a new version called Boxie Flier as an EA. So please forgive me for two releases but this was my first plane and I'll do better next time.

    The comments I got on the original plane were in three areas and have all been fixed in this release.

    1. I got a lot of comments about the high gloss finish which seems to be out of place these days so I toned that down a lot. I also found out the RealFlight 7 graphics engine works different for medium and high graphics settings, which I didn't know before so that's been fixed in the new release. So if you use the medium graphics setting the specular mapping should look the same as someone using the high graphics setting.

    2. There was some serious shading on the outer wing tips which looked really bad but I didn't know how to fix them. But after testing the plane one of the designers told me about a fix and how to do it. The shading looked very bad and the fix definitely improves the look of the plane.

    3. The McCoy 40 is an older engine that's not included in RealFlight so I used a power curve from one of the built-in engines which turned out to be way to powerful, so the power curve needed to be adjusted. One of the designers in the forum pointed me to an old review of the McCoy 40 but being honest I wanted a little more power so I created a McCoy 4OR. We tore down the engine and opened all the ports in the cylinder as much as possible, then polished both the intake and exhaust ports. Then we balanced the crank, piston, and connecting rod. With these changes we ended up with a little more power than the original engine, not a great deal but enough to make Boxie Flier perform the way I wanted it to. The power curve in the original plane has been changed a lot but kept in-line with the engine I wanted for Boxie Flier. But the changes were very significant, before in a tight knife edge doing a circle around you the plane would fly about 92-96 MPH at about 17,600 RPM. With the modifications to the power curve it fly’s about 65-66 MPH at about 13,000 RPM, which gives it just the right amount of power.

    So the plane has been changed quite a bit and all for the better. I know this release will affect all of the great color schemes released for the first plane but hopefully they will be released again for the final version. This is what I wanted the first plane to be but I guess I needed a little practice. Here's a short video I put together with Boxie Flier. Playin' With The Boys.


    I want to thank the following people for their generous help and support during the creation of both versions and for the excellent feedback and help defining the changes. Thanks guys!

    doug schluter
    uncle twist
    Maj. Numbskully

    When you're flying a 3D Field you can use the F4 and F5 keys to view the Left and Right sides of the plane. These are the two views I added to the pictures below.
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