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DeLorean BTTF2 3Dmax TFC_AV
File Details
DeLorean BTTF2 3Dmax TFC_AV
  • Size: 60.8 KB
    Requires: DeLorean_BTTF2_EA
    Version: 7.50.015
    Author: 25thCentury
    Date Added: 07-25-2015
    Downloads: 1082
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    Designed for the terrain following course at Tori Gate Summit_AP, but a great AV of the DeLorean BTTF2 in its own right. This differs from DeLorean BTTF2 3Dmax_AV in two ways. 1) Its faster (top speed - 500 mph). 2) It controls more gently at higher speeds. See the description for DeLorean BTTF2 3Dmax_AV and add about 50% to the speeds for the various flight modes.

    Controls: No more reverse switch on chanel 5. Throttle zero point is about 1/4 on high rates and 1/2 on low rates. A small amount of reverse thrust is available below these points.
    Yaw, pitch and roll as usual. Forward elevator for brakes on the ground.
    CH5: dual rates. High is very aggressive on the ground and in the air. Low is quite tame.
    CH6: vertical thrust adjustment in flight mode(not a tilt, fore-aft thrust always on throttle, vertical always on knob).
    CH7: Doors open
    CH8: UP –> Drive mode | MIDDLE –> Flight mode | DOWN –> wheels horizontal.
    Kill engine : opens Mr. Fusion (reset for refuel)

    If you haven’t already, be sure to download Tori Gate Summit_AP and give the TF course a try. Again, thanks to ViennaLex76 for the really great EA of this flying time machine.

    Find all 25th Century SciFi AVs CSs and RCs by searching "-=-scifi," or all 25th Century files by searching "25cent."

    25cent -=-car -=-scifi -=-physics -=-fast -=-3D -=-aerobatic -=-other -=-500+mph -=-500+kph -=-fast -=-15-7 -=-+
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    Color Schemes: sponsored_CS
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