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Trident Mk I_EA
File Details
Trident Mk I_EA
  • Size: 1,013.7 KB
    Includes: Color Scheme: trident mk i, Variant:
    Version: 7.50.015
    Author: technoid
    Date Added: 02-11-2017
    Downloads: 365
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    When Bill mentioned in the forum he had a Trident control line model he'd like converted to RealFlight I asked for some pictures. Once I seen the pictures I was hooked because I like old planes and enjoy modeling them. The original control line plane had a built up fuselage but I went with an RC profile version to speed up the design process. I need to get started on my real RC plane for this summer's flying season so that was the right choice for the time I had. I also did something else to speed up the process by cutting the color scheme directly into the 3D model. That saved a lot of time with the downside of not being able to create custom color schemes for the plane later. But the short cuts doesn't affect the plane and I think it turned out very nice and fly's great so grab it and go flying.

    I wanted you to have a color choice so I created a Mk I and Mk II version of the plane with the only difference being the color. Bill's original model was blue so Trident Mk I is blue, but if you're a hot dog maybe you like red so Trident Mk II is red.

    I want to thank Bill for his input while modeling his plane his ideas helped me keep the flavor of his original model and color scheme while creating something very different.

    Original plane info. U-NAME-IT/TRIDENT ($18.00) Larry Scarinzi's triple tail stunter designed for Name the Plane contest that was kitted by Consolidated. 54" Span, 570 sq.in. Mag plans


    Brakes activated by up elevator
    Smoke controlled by Channel 7

    Plane Design: technoid
    Physics Design: technoid
    Fun Factor: A retro control line model converted to RC profile

    I also want to thank the guys on the Developer's Forum for their help and support.

    doug schluter
    uncle twist
    Maj. Numbskully
    adrenoline 60
    Bill Stuntz

    When you're flying a 3D Field you can use the F4, F5, and F6 keys for the Front, Left, and Right views of the plane.
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