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50% Vindicater Midway USMC CORRECTION_CS
File Details
50% Vindicater Midway USMC CORRECTION_CS
  • Size: 4.81 MB
    Requires: SB2U1Vindicater_EA
    Version: 7.50.015
    Author: Moto-Guzzi
    Date Added: 02-11-2017
    Downloads: 146
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    There was a mapping problem with my first Midway Marine Vindicator upload, this should be the right one....

    This paint scheme is my Tribute to Marine Scout/Bombing Squadron 241. Many thanks to Brent G for the original EA, and special thanks to Dirty Harry. His Ensign George Gay / VT-8 Midway Tribute was my inspiration here….

    VMSB-241 flew from Hawaii to Midway to bolster its air defenses just after the attack on Pearl Harbor. At the time, it was THE longest over-water flight by single engine aircraft…and these planes were not in prime shape to begin with. They were in fact scheduled for overhaul/replacement BEFORE ever leaving for Midway, but as aircraft of any type were few and far between in those dark days after Pearl, off they went to…..

    The “white stripes” on the rear fuselage are not unit markings, they are strips of 4-inch medical tape the Marines used to repair the fraying fabric of these worn out planes….they also hastily painted over the red circles in the star insignia (too reminiscent of the Japanese rising sun), as well covering the red and white stripes on the tail twith a more “tactical” navy blue… but as they were done in the field by hand with buckets and brushes (instead of a proper maintenance hangar with proper equipment) the old colors still showed through….

    Thus into battle these brave Marines went, outclassed out and gunned by a superior foe…..this color scheme is a generic composite of several VMSB-241 aircraft (no two were the exactly same !) but Number 2 was flown by Captain Richard Fleming, with Private First Class George Toms serving as Radioman/Rear Gunner on the second day of the battle.

    They were both killed on July 5, 1942, leading an attack on a Japanese Cruiser…struck by anti-aircraft fire and engulfed in flames, Captain Fleming continued his bombing run down to 400 feet before releasing his ordnance, an act of discipline and bravery for which he was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor...

    Keep looking for other Hero’s of Midway planes and colors schemes coming up… I’m planning several for LCDR Thach, Major Parks, LCDR McClusky and Major Henderson in the future…

    Thanks again to Brent G for the original EA..
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