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  • Size: 320.2 KB
    Version: 7.50.015
    Author: ChuckIV
    Date Added: 02-12-2017
    Downloads: 419
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    Welcome to the NEW BuzzNWaltz Field 2017! If you want to challenge your flying skills or want to do both that AND combat at the same time, THIS IS YOUR FIELD! There are numerous changes throughout the field; far too many to name them all.

    In combat mode, there are approx. 4,000 points available, numerous speedups, shields, randoms, and repairs. The repairs are the ONLY power-ups that remain once you've used them. ALL others are set to disappear for the rest of the game (set to 999 in the editor).

    Watch out for your coconuts! If you shoot them, they will remain in motion until you reset your plane. (set your projectile physics to a higher setting).

    I believe this is a very nice compromise for all combat pilots. Those that want items to fly in, around, through, above, and below will be happy. It is also great for those that want to try to get the points, or just hang up high and shoot away! For improved frame rates, I've removed the desert wallpaper, brought the haze in nice and close to disallow the trees in the distance to be "seen", removed all shadows both cast and received, and set fade out distance for all objects past the field of play. Finally, it's great for those that don't prefer power-ups, since they only work one time.

    I hope you all ENJOY! ChuckIV
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