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AJ Laser 230z 105_EA
File Details
AJ Laser 230z 105_EA
  • Size: 1.13 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: aj laser 230z 105, Variant:
    Version: 7.50.015
    Author: technoid
    Date Added: 02-17-2017
    Downloads: 2429
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    I like to fly Giants so after I finished the 73 I knew I had to create the 105 too. I was busy working on another project so I ask Doug if he'd be interested in helping me by creating the physics for the 105 if I resized the 73 to 105 and took care of any of the 3D model fixes. Doug's always quick to help and said he'd be glad to. So I resized the 73 to 105 and sent it to him for the physics. Once Doug finished the physics I worked on the little details that cropped up like the 105 cowl was different so it needed some screws added to it and also a few mapping errors that needed to be fixed. But between the two of us I think we have a really nice AJ Laser 230z 105 for you to play with, so grab it and have fun. I'm sorry it doesn't support RF-X but after they create the RF-X swap pages I'll do the necessary changes and upload it. I'm releasing it with the Competition color scheme and Doug created the Retro, Patriot, and a color scheme from a full size Laser and will release them very soon.

    I want to thank Doug for the excellent job he did on the physics, the plane fly's extremely well and I'm sure you'll love it. And a big thank you also goes out to Legoman for the servo animation code he shared with me, that adds a really nice touch that I don't take the time to add. So thanks Legoman!


    Brakes activated by up elevator
    Smoke controlled by Channel 7
    Servo Animation

    Plane Design: technoid
    Physics Design: doug schluter
    Servo Animation: legoman
    Fun Factor: A Giant AJ Laser powered by Desert Aircraft

    I also want to thank the guys on the Developer's Forum for their help and support.

    doug schluter
    uncle twist
    Maj. Numbskully
    adrenoline 60

    When you're flying a 3D Field you can use the F4, F5, F6, and F7 keys for the Cockpit, Front, Left, and Right views of the plane.
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