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  • Size: 1.81 MB
    Requires: T-28B Trojan_EA
    Version: 8.00.019
    Author: DDawg
    Date Added: 02-28-2018
    Downloads: 115
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    What if the Air Force started their demonstration team in 1947?
    What if they had a choice between the P-51, or the T-28?

    A tough call ... but, here is my first tribute to the United States Air Force 3600th Squadron (AKA) "Thunderbirds" Flight Demonstration Team ... (even if they didn't officially ever fly propeller driven planes) ....

    The Team was formed in 1953, and the JETS used are as followed:
    1953-55 F-84G ThunderJet
    1955-56 F-84F Thunderstreak
    1956 -63 F-100C Super Sabre
    1964 * F-105 Thunderchief (only 6 shows)
    1964-68 F-100D Super Sabre
    1969-73 F-4E Phantom II (flown by both Thunderbirds and Blue Angels)
    1974-83 T-38 Talon
    1984-Present F-16 Fighting Falcon (Their signature jet for over 3 decades, The F-16 Fighting Falcon has dazzled millions of spectators.)

    And so, I tried to capture a little of all their themes over the years, and came up with Version One ...
    there will be a couple of others as I had a hard time figuring which scheme I liked best.
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