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F8F-2 Bearcat Scale Flight Mod_AV
File Details
F8F-2 Bearcat Scale Flight Mod_AV
  • Size: 873.7 KB
    Requires: F8F-2 Bearcat_EA
    Version: 7.50.015
    Author: flip3d
    Date Added: 07-14-2018
    Downloads: 267
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    Physics edit by flip3d.

    This version of Technoid's F8F-2 is designed to give a scale flight experience as opposed to pure RC. This is a 1/4 scale model.

    Control functions are as follows:
    Ch. 5 controls dual mode of Ch. 8.
    Ch. 8 controls "Canopy Retract/Smoke" or "Rocket Launch/Guns" depending on the position of Ch. 5 switch.
    Ch. 7 controls "Retracts".
    Ch. 6 controls "Flaps/Tailhook". NOTE: Knob rotation is reversed from EA.

    NOTE: These control functions are for the Interlink Elite controller.

    This version gives a much different feel to this model. Ground handling is much improved. Increased wing loading and other mods to improve landing flare. Wingtip contrails visible when pulling G's. Power profile altered to provide smooth audio transition during RPM changes. Control function and input/output are substantially altered (see control functions above).
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