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SopwithCamel 3rd scale_AV
File Details
SopwithCamel 3rd scale_AV
  • Size: 1.86 MB
    Requires: SopwithCamel_EA
    Version: 8.00.053
    Author: doug schluter
    Date Added: 11-28-2018
    Downloads: 57
    Score: n/a (Ratings disabled by uploader)
    how about a 1/3 scale or 108 in span Sopwith Camel using brentg's excellent EA and Madratter's RAF FE2b prop on the Moki 1`80 radial with the 180 Radial sound , smoke on channel 7 pilot cam on F4 , guns on channel 8 full down fire . here is a youtube video of a 1/3 scale Sopwith Camel . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3AzrWR6jUA
    one thing i noticed if you import it into RF 7.5 it is nose heavy and will need to have CG moved back some , i found out its due to 7.5 not having the Moki 180 and using what ever engine it picks
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