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  • Size: 4.64 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: rage, Variant:
    Version: 8.00.053
    Author: technoid
    Date Added: 03-09-2019
    Downloads: 206
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    Rage is a sport plane I created to show off the Moki 250cc 7 cylinder radial I modeled. I designed the plane without a cowl so you can see the detail I put in the engine. The plane uses design cues from the Grumman F6F, it's not a copy of it but the fuselage, wings, hstab, and vstab are patterned after it. The retracts are different but it's easy to see I used the F6F as the inspiration for the plane. I think the plane turned out really well, it looks good and fly's good so give it a try.

    This is the second release of Rage and it's not compatible with the first version so if you have the first release please download the new version and select overwrite for everything when you import the plane.

    The new release has several improvements.

    1. Improvements to the engine.
    2. A new Navy trainer CS with panel lines and rivets.
    3. The plane was remapped to reduce panel line and rivet stretching.

    I'm also releasing the original blue CS with panel lines and rivets so if you prefer it look for the Rage Blue CS.

    Note: The plane is fully compatible with RF 7.5, RF 8, and RF-X.


    Canopy: Channel 6 Knob
    Retracts: Channel 7
    Smoke: Channel 8 Switch in Center
    Brakes: Activated by up elevator
    Custom Engine Profile (legoman)
    Custom Sound Profile (technoid but idle sound borrowed from moki250)

    Plane Design: technoid
    Physics Design: technoid
    Color Scheme: technoid

    While flying a 3D field in RF-8 or any field in RF-X there are seven cameras available.

    F4: Cinema Cam
    F5: Pilot Seat
    F6: Front of Plane
    F7: Left of Plane
    F8: Right of Plane
    F9: Radial 1
    F10: Radial 2

    I want to say thanks to Legoman, Doug Schluter, BrokeDad, and asj5547 for all their help with the betas.

    I also want to thank all the guys on the Developer's Forum they're always there when I need help and offer great suggestions to make my planes better.

    doug schluter
    uncle twist
    adrenoline 60
    Bill Stuntz
    And anyone else I might have missed, thanks.
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