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Desert Range 15_AP
File Details
Desert Range 15_AP
  • Size: 2.19 MB
    Includes: Airport Objects: B36, BOEING B29s
    Version: 7.50.015
    Author: Moto-Guzzi
    Date Added: 06-29-2019
    Downloads: 87
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    Somewhere in the vast empty desert, with nothing nearby to run into, experimental jets and vintage warbirds streak by 10 feet of the deck at 400+ Miles per hour...Testing, tweaking, and trying again...

    This is the Remote Test Site for my Half Scale Fleet....ugly kid brother to Area 51, "Range 15" is even more Spartan and remote...

    A single runway and only 2 spawn points... one for fighter sized aircraft, the other suitable for viewing Half Scale Behemoths like B-36's, 47's and 52's

    To the West, in the low foothills beyond Single Stone Monument, is the desert town of Dry Gulch...its off limits to Range 15 Ground Personnel, the pilots who fly past it spread rumors...Legalized Prostitution, Abandoned Gold Mines... Zombies....no body really knows.

    To the foothills North lies the sprawling Desert Storage Complex...row upon row of old Bombers preserved by the dry desert air...Rumor has it most of the fuel, tires and parts at Range 15, come from there....but nobody really knows

    Its a mystery who funds this remote R&D outpost... testing and tweaking 50+ year old air frames....for god knows what reason, and for whom.

    Some folks say Range 15 doesnt even exist...that its just a junk pile near the Old Bomber Depot...

    But sometimes when you listen close, you hear can hear Merlins and Double Row Wasps singing, and Turbines whining...and see the quick flash of a shadow on the ground that makes you look up to...

    Something glinting in the sun, high in a barrel roll, before it levels off...running low on the deck before it disappears into that mirage shimmer way off in the distance....

    At that place called Range 15
    Interactive Panorama Preview
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