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P-51 Mustang 200% combat_AV
File Details
P-51 Mustang 200% combat_AV
  • Size: 3.19 MB
    Requires: P-51 Mustang from RealFlight G4
    Version: 7.50.011
    Author: Logan
    Date Added: 08-12-2019
    Downloads: 67
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    First of all, I would like to thank TIMBO50 for making great paintings for the P-51 Mustang model.

    this plane flies realistically, is twice its original size and (which, to me is the coolest) has the landing gear closing realistically, closing one at a time, just like the real plane.

    You can watch my video where I show the landing gear closing at:


    CH1 = Ailerons
    CH2 = Elevator
    CH3 = throttle
    CH4 = Rudder
    CH5 = Exporential
    CH6 = Flaps
    CH7 = Machine Guns
    CH8 = Landing Gears
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