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EA Havoc Scott_AV
File Details
EA Havoc Scott_AV
  • Size: 45.5 KB
    Requires: EA Havoc_EA
    Version: 8.00.053
    Author: flyintrumpetguy
    Date Added: 08-18-2019
    Downloads: 99
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    So the Elite Aerosports Havoc has always intrigued me as a very agile jet with a huge flight envelope from traditional jet speed to lower speed, higher alpha type stuff and even some tumbling etc.

    I tried a few of the AVs here and while they were fun they didn't feel realistic to me and were pretty squirrelly for doing any type of precision aerobatics. So I had to do an AV.

    A few of the many things I did to achieve a plane that I think is REALLY fun to fly included lining up the wire frame with the visual model, setting realistic weights, throws and power etc. so the plane is balanced, adding dual rates so it can be flown precision on low and more crazy on high, smoke moved to the 3 position switch... and a bunch of other things I can't think of right now.

    Anyway... have fun with it and let me know what you think. Try it with the Blue Angels scheme I made for it as well, and look for the AE scheme I'll be doing later.
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