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L-13 Blanik Jet IntX_EA
File Details
L-13 Blanik Jet IntX_EA
  • Size: 2.55 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: l-13 blanik jet, Variant:
    Version: 9.00.013
    Author: Donamy
    Date Added: 10-22-2019
    Downloads: 94
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    A new L-13 Blanik Jet, with animated cockpit and better graphics.

    This version is for use with the Interlink X.

    Link to the paint template:


    1. Ailerons = (right-stick) left/right.
    2. Elevator = (right-stick) forward/back. Full forward to apply Wheel brakes.
    2. Spoilers(dive brakes) = (left-stick) forward closed, back deployed.
    4. Rudder = (left-stick) left/right.
    5. Low/High Rates = (left 2 position switch) Up for high, Down for low.
    6. Flaps = (dial) left closed, right deployed.
    7. Landing Gear = (right-switch) Up for gear-up/rope-release, Down for gear down.
    8. Smoke = (left 3 position switch) Down for smoke-off, Up for smoke-on.
    9. Turbine = (left-rotatoy knob) Full-up for Engine idle, full-down for full Throttle.
    10. Elevator Trim = (right-rotatory knob) full-up for nose up, full-down for nose down.

    Thanks to:

    Bill Stuntz
    uncle twist
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