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Trex 600 Nitro Pro v9_EA
File Details
Trex 600 Nitro Pro v9_EA
  • Size: 3.68 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: trex 600 nitro pro v9 - white canopy - white skids, Variant: Trex 600 Nitro Pro v9
    Version: 3.50.060
  • Author: stuartmp74
    Date Added: 09-21-2007
    Downloads: 53985
    Score: 9.4 (42 votes)
    Fully Detailed, Trex 600 Nitro Pro - "VERSION 9"

    Low Profile 3D Skids Added.
    Black or White Skid Color schemes available, With either White or Red Canopy.
    A few Minor Tweeks
    DSS Loading Problem Fixed.

    This Trex was modeled from my new actual Model. All dimension & Mass are accurate. I taught myself 3ds Max during this process, What a great program.

    Well this will be it for awhile. This model has take up a lot of my time.
    I hope everyone who downloads this model enjoys it.

    Post request to me if you like an Update, I will do them as I get time.
    (3790 Downloads of Previous versions)

    All feedback comments are welcome.
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    Selected Comments
    02-10-200810dmageeI have realy enjoyed this heli>
    09-10-200810JennDefinetely my favorite heli on the sim. Great work, dude!
    02-25-200810divebuddI LOVE IT!!! Thanks. Dive
    01-23-200810chemicalbroawesome model
    05-10-200810DVSOne of my favorite helis

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