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B-25J Mitchell GS (Scale)._AV
File Details
B-25J Mitchell GS (Scale)._AV
  • Size: 37.0 KB
    Requires: B-25 Mitchell from Expansion Pack 4
    Version: 4.00.037
  • Author: Blade Scraper
    Date Added: 03-09-2008
    Downloads: 3253
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    This feels like the full scale a bit. The servos have been slowed down, it now has wheel brakes activated by pushing down elevator. It also has my favorite "scale gear" wich means all the gears go up at different times like the full scale.

    Speeds: 35-80mph
    Weight (Wet): 40 pounds
    Wing Loading: 23.30 o.z
    Power Plants: Two Zenoah G-45s with tuned pipes
    Propellors: Two 27x12 Scale WWII warbird props.
    Please enjoy my hard work!
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