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Boeing B-29 mod._AV
File Details
Boeing B-29 mod._AV
  • Size: 22.5 KB
    Requires: Boeing B-29_EA
    Version: 4.00.035
  • Author: rcj442
    Date Added: 03-09-2008
    Downloads: 1520
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    My version of the ever so popular Boeing B-29 Bomber Superfortress. I found that when (and if) you ever landed the aircraft, it would take forever to stop. I also found that because the model was so slow it was very cumbersome. The front steering was also not powerful enough to pull it self around in taxi and a very big problem with landing gear breaking off no matter how you landed. This new model includes the following improvments,
    . New, working, electronic brakes. Makes landings very realistic.
    . lighter fuselage for about 5mph faster airspeed, and smoother turns.
    . modified torque for quicker engine response. (This allows for you to speed up or slow down about 20% faster than original.)
    . realistic turning during taxi (more info below)

    . All same inflight controls
    . to brake, when landed or taxiing, push forward on elevator servo (right thumb stick)
    . when taxiing, use about 6-7 clicks on throttle for most effective, and realistic turning.
    . landing process, line up with runway, come in at a 20-30 degree angle with about 10-11 clicks of throttle. Brake when landed.
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