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Extra330S BA_EA
File Details
Extra330S BA_EA
  • Size: 3.29 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: E330s BA, Variant: Extra330S BA
    Version: 3.50.033
  • Author: Ricky Delten
    Date Added: 12-04-2006
    Downloads: 23292
    Score: 9.6 (23 votes)
    Extra 330S "Blaine Austin" custom made by Rick Delten.

    Updated G3.5 Flight Model by Seth Arnold.
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    Selected Comments
    08-03-200810AlaskaDerringerTotally Amazing Aircraft to Fly! Fantastic 3D aircraft. Hovers great.
    02-19-201110mark-bIs the real one this easy to hover? Amazing.
    05-31-200810mjammerCould be my new favorite plane!
    12-04-20119master22GREAT! now all you need is to make a g5 model that has those bouncy landing gear. and a NON opening canopy! mine opens in mid flight!
    03-03-200810Andrew MikhailovIt's very easy to torque roll, thanks.

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