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Beech 18._EA
File Details
Beech 18._EA
  • Size: 1.35 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: beech., Variant:
    Version: 4.00.054
  • Author: dhk79
    Date Added: 07-18-2008
    Downloads: 6740
    Score: 9.3 (16 votes)
    The Beechcraft Model 18, or "Twin Beech", as it was better known, was manufactured by the Beech Aircraft Corporation of Wichita, Kansas. This model saw service during and after World War II in a number of versions including the United States Army Air Forces C-45 Expeditor, AT-7 Navigator, AT-11 Kansan; and for the United States Navy, UC-45J Navigator and the SNB-1 Kansan.

    Modeled for RealFlight by Doug Kaye (DHK79), as the winning request for the "guess the number of polys in the F-16" contest. There is also a step-by-step modeling guide available for this aircraft. It's big (over 100 pages), with pictures & screen captures on every page.

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    Selected Comments
    08-28-200810KeylithoSweet Plane I didn't see this one earlier when I left a comment with the one with floats. This is Just as I hoped... A+
    07-18-200810DirtyHarry3033Fantastic! Beautiful modeling work and the modeling guide I'd give an 11 out of possbile 10. Anyone getting started modeling for RF should ask Doug for a copy. Thanks Doug for the time you invested in the model and especially the guide you made!
    07-30-200810cody1615please make a version of this for g3.5 i am actually a co-pilot in the same aircraft and me and my grandpa are actually leaving on a trip tomarrow and its my favorite plane but i dont have the money for g4 so if it's not to hard would you be able to make one for g3.5?
    07-19-20086maxkopThe 3D - Model looks good, but the low texture resolution in combination with the low texture detail tremendously reduce the quality of the model. Linking error in in object hierarchy leads to wrong physics calculation while crash situations. Aircraft continues to fly while wing has broken away.
    07-18-200810krh316Great job, thanks, great flying plane.

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