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Pitts Python - Purple Star_CS
File Details
Pitts Python - Purple Star_CS
  • Size: 420.2 KB
    Requires: Pitts Python_EA
    Version: 4.00.054
  • Author: REBEL
    Date Added: 12-02-2008
    Downloads: 1576
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    theg0dfather said I should do a CS on another plane. Well, here it is, the Pitts Python Purple Star.

    I seem to have a knack for picking models with badly mapped TGAs sometimes, so this is the best CS I can do for this model. The Pitts Python has its problems such as...
    1- The top left wing's upper surface is longer than the right.
    2- The bottom wing's upper surface is also used for the swept-back top wing's underside, but is not parallel to the wing edge!!
    3- The rudder doesn't align with the tail end of the fuselage.
    4- There's no color mapping for the spinner!!

    This model is also inaccurate when compared to the real plane, such as...
    1- The real plane is a 2-seater, not a single seater.
    2- The model's landing gear is too long.
    3- The real plane's rudder hinge line goes all the way to the top and is not L shaped (rudder coordinates overlap the fuselage).
    4- The real plane's spinner is larger and round nosed, not narrow and pointed.
    5- The model's exhaust stacks are in the wrong place.

    Ok. I've managed to tweak it so that it flies better. I increased the weight to 45lbs and reduced the control throws by about 50%. I also reduced prop diameter to 30 inches and increased pitch to 10. One tweak I especially liked was to change the sound profile to the "OS 120 Four Stroke". It sounds really vicious now. Why didn't they put a Fuji or Moki 5-cylinder radial engine in G4 as both torque generator and sound profile? They could easily create a patch for each version of RealFlight to add more engines and sounds.

    Trivia: The registration number 314, is the secret lab in the Initiative from Buffy season 4.
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