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Maj Numbskullys Qtr TRUE SCALE DR-1 G45_AV
File Details
Maj Numbskullys Qtr TRUE SCALE DR-1 G45_AV
  • Size: 44.6 KB
    Requires: Fokker DR-1 from Add-Ons 2
    Version: 4.50.036
  • Author: Maj. Numbskully
    Date Added: 02-20-2009
    Downloads: 844
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    MAJ. NUMBSKULLY's 1\3 TRUE SCALE FOKKER DR-1b w\ TWIN SPANDAU MACHINE GUNS , Accurate Richthoven Colorsceame available at the G4 Colorsceame Swap
    PLEASE don't rate this or anyones swap page file by just looking at the thumbnail look at them IN THE SIM ,There are things that can not be seen or determined in a AV ,CS ,AP Or EA file by looking at only the thumbnail
    The German Air Force was so impressed with the combat performance of the Sopwith Triplane that Fokker was instructed to design a similar aircraft. The new design came to be known as the DR-1.
    THIS is The Last plane flown by....The Red Baron.. Rittmeister Manfred Von Richthofen When he WAS SHOT DOWN by Australian ground troops of the 53rd battery as he was in pursuit of a Sopwith Camel being flown by Lieut. Wilfred May of the R.A.F . Behind Enemy Lines Over the Somme on April 21, 1918. (Capt. Roy Brown Of The R.A.F. MISTAKENLY Took Credit For The Shoot-down... But That Has Since Been Disproven !....( Read the Excellent book by Dale Tittler...The day the Red Baron died). Maj. Numbskully
    ALL dimensions (Fuselage , Main Wings , Both stabilizers as well as Speed )Are 1\3 **TRUE SCALE. of a real world full sized 115 mph\ 185 kmh DR-1 . It has a 1\3 SCALE Top Speed of 38 mph \ 61 kmh (In Level Flight) With working (w\ Sound and Smoke) Twin Spadau Machine guns (Channel 5 Switch).Hope Y'all Like This One Catch Y'all On-Line...Maj. NUMBSKULLY'S P51FIFTY

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