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File Details
  • Size: 1.19 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: alpha_40, Variant:
    Version: 4.00.054
  • Author: Palmi
    Date Added: 04-12-2009
    Downloads: 9176
    Score: 9.9 (16 votes)
    Alpha Trainer by Hangar 9.

    This one is set up the way mine is with APC 10x7x2 prop but if you want it as it comes stock then change that prop to 10x5x3.

    Thanks to opjose for the help with the physics.
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    Selected Comments
    04-12-200910opjoseNice. The PTS prop is 10x5, but because it is not a full blade prop ( the blades disappear or become circular towards the hub ) it is more akin to a 10x4 3 blade prop. So if you wish to simulate the way the plane behaves out of the box try a 10x4 3 blade prop.
    04-12-200910napalsunVery good congratulation man!
    08-21-20119hayden363Nice model! I downloaded this because I am thinking about buying it for real. Does it fly like the real thing? Because I don't like how it stalls out so easy. Please send me a message. Good job on the model though!
    04-20-200910KmotThis is an excellent plane!
    10-02-201010brentgI just bought the real world model a few weeks ago to train a local kid, I forgot this was even here... I have to say this is one of the most realistic sim model/av that i have flown.. it is so dam close it is scary...My student is learning it on the sim and is getting ready to solo....But I think he already has on the sim ;) with your offering.....Great job keeping it pure. Brentg

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