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Corona Extra bottle n limes 2_CS
File Details
Corona Extra bottle n limes 2_CS
  • Size: 5.65 MB
    Requires: Extra330S BA_EA
    Version: 4.50.050
  • Author: Maj. Numbskully
    Date Added: 05-05-2009
    Downloads: 640
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    Now has brighter colors
    fixed the missing Engine in the cowling
    And also now has water beads on the glass so it looks more like a
    "cold one" from the cooler
    Also added the water beads to a Previously non-existent _n.tga "bump map" that this Extra 300sBA never had ...(as far as I know.... it has never generated one any time I "saved as")
    I wanted more of a 3D effect of the water beads on the glass
    so I figure out how to make a _n.tga and a_s.tga from "scratch"
    which is a first for me ....and it turned out pretty good.
    ( I guess necsessity IS the mother of Invention !)
    so now Each bead Changes as the light reflects differently as the plane moves at different angles to the sun.
    I thought about adding the water drops to the first CS.... but didn't.
    I Wanna thank "Joe_Momma" for some good idea's and for "encouraging" me to do the water drop's ( he also suggested them after I posted the first 1)....I'm Glad he did !
    or I would'a kept putting off figuring how to make those files from scratch..... and never done the cool bump mapping with them.
    So I also learned a few new things along the way.
    Please don't rate this file by just looking at the thumbnail's you really need to see it in the sim to see the full effect.
    NOTE: in the latest 4.5 versions(.046 and up) the "normals map" is off by default
    To see the effect you must make sure in: Simulation\Settings\Graphics\Quality that it says YES next to "Normal Maps"
    hope y'all like this cs as much as I did makin' it

    PLEASE don't rate ANY swap page file by just looking at the thumbnail look at them IN THE SIM ,There are things that can not be seen or determined in a AV ,CS ,AP Or EA file by looking at only the thumbnail

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