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Kwik Fli III_EA
Kwik Fli Mark III In 1967, Phil Kraft was FAI pattern world champion flying his own design Kwik-Fli Mk III. Even thou...
(jeffpn, , 2.30 MB)
10-24-2012 2462
Maxford USA Hansa-Brandenburg ...
This text happily plagiarized from http://www.maxfordusa.com/hansabrandenburgw29.aspx Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 EP 53 ...
(jeffpn, , 9.66 MB)
07-20-2012 2545
McFoamy by West Michigan Park Flyers LLC Built by request Specs for the McFoamy Wing Span: 34 All up Weight: 6.5...
(jeffpn, , 6.17 MB)
03-14-2011 4694
This AV puts the camera controls on the right stick when the smoke switch is pulled toward you. When the smoke switch i...
(jeffpn, , 23.9 KB)
08-20-2011 945
CS by Maj. Numbskully Model by jeffpn AV by jeffpn Standard 4 channel controls Use the Engine To Show parameter to...
(jeffpn, , 18.64 MB)
08-20-2011 4402
SportCruiser RF6_AV
This AV contains some tweaks to fly this plane in RF6. It also uses the new swivel feature that this aircraft is suppos...
(jeffpn, , 23.5 KB)
03-02-2012 415
Sportsman Aviation Corby Starl...
The Corby Starlet is the first post-war Australian designed single seater to fly. The Starlet was designed and built by ...
(jeffpn, , 3.74 MB)
05-06-2011 2128
West Wings Fournier RF-4_EA
Just like the original, the West Wings version requires very little power to get her into the air. The light, high aspec...
(jeffpn, , 293.8 KB)
04-12-2011 1845
WMPF Magnum Reloaded_EA
Magnum Reloaded Designed by Martin Müller Magnum reloaded, the epitome of a simple to build, and in particular very ...
(jeffpn, , 31.28 MB)
02-24-2013 2063
Western Michigan Park Flyers Sea Plane Designed by John W. Van Baren Short Take Off Runs High Maneuverability ...
(jeffpn, , 18.91 MB)
12-25-2012 3219
This model has an 80" winspan. Standard 4 channel, plus flaps and smoke 3D model by jeffpn Physics by dhk79 ...
(jeffpn, , 2.71 MB)
09-01-2010 5788
Zodiac XL_EA
3D Model by jeffpn Physics by dhk79 MetalFlake CS by Maj. Numbskully A wolf in sheep's clothing with the stabiliz...
(jeffpn, , 10.38 MB)
07-09-2010 1930

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