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40% Yak 55m_AV
Here's my AV for a 40%, 150cc Hempel Yak... try it with my Hempel schemes and let me know what you think!!!
(trumpetguy27, , 21.9 KB)
02-08-2010 1275
50% Edge540 BH New Hempel_AV
So Here's my version of a 50% Hempel Edge to go with the schemes I posted earlier today. Please let me know how you l...
(trumpetguy27, , 26.3 KB)
04-02-2011 607
50% Edge540 BH Scott_AV
This is my Version of Rick Delten's 50% Hempel Edge... for G 4.5.
(trumpetguy27, , 28.1 KB)
03-13-2009 796
60 Percent Hempel Extra Scott_...
Here's my version of a Hempel 60% Extra 260... Hope you like it! Scott
(trumpetguy27, , 49.8 KB)
10-16-2011 848
AJ Slick_CS
Hello All, I see somebody already posted a version of this CS which is cool... but since I just finished mine I am g...
(trumpetguy27, , 525.0 KB)
11-08-2009 1383
Atlanta Falcons Yak_CS
Hello... Here's the first requested scheme from Trumpetguy's Customs. 2Scared2fly wanted a Falcons scheme so I did one...
(trumpetguy27, , 699.5 KB)
02-06-2011 342
Blue and lime Yak_CS
Here's my newest scheme... just for fun. I think it's kinda cool looking. Check out the tic tac toe game on the botto...
(trumpetguy27, , 379.9 KB)
06-21-2009 361
Cap 232 scheme Scott_CS
Hello All... I've done a bunch of AV's before but recently started playing with colorschemes too. This is the first on...
(trumpetguy27, , 3.50 MB)
05-31-2009 1288
Cap 232 Scott_AV
This is a roughly 50% Cap. Torque rolls real nice and I've gotten rid of most of the "Cap Snap" tendencies. ...
(trumpetguy27, , 58.6 KB)
05-31-2009 1751
Dead Bull Ultimate_CS
So some of you know by now that I love Red Bull schemes... I wanted to do one for the Ultimate but decided to have a li...
(trumpetguy27, , 477.4 KB)
04-09-2010 865
Dynaflite Super Decathlon TB...
Here's my version of the 47% Pilot RC Decathlon. Enjoy it and please let me know what you think of it!
(trumpetguy27, , 53.6 KB)
01-16-2010 1123
Edge540 50 Scott_AV
Here's an AV I did for the newer Edge 540, to go with Spidernads CS. he posted one as well so try his too!
(trumpetguy27, , 52.3 KB)
04-10-2011 1009
Extra 330L DC Scott Scheme_CS
Here's a JR scheme I did for the Extra 330L DC. I hope you like it! Please rate and comment!
(trumpetguy27, , 579.6 KB)
06-21-2009 815
Extra 330sc 50% NOS_AV
Ok.... Decided to have some fun with this one! Here's a 50% Extra 330SC on Nitrous... With the knob turned all the...
(trumpetguy27, , 38.5 KB)
04-23-2011 829
Extra 330sc 50%_AV
Here's my 50% variant of The Gibson's awesome Extra 330SC. Hope you like it. Let me know! Give it a try with my r...
(trumpetguy27, , 39.2 KB)
01-23-2011 952
Extra 330sc Aerotech Hyperlite...
Here's my take on a 52% Aerotech Hyperlite Extra 300SP. I THINK it should be pretty close. Anybody who's flown one ...
(trumpetguy27, , 40.5 KB)
05-14-2011 903
Extra Ravens Scheme_CS
Here's my latest scheme... It's time for football season again and I'm ready to see my Ravens kick some a$$. I did a...
(trumpetguy27, , 1.29 MB)
08-21-2010 363
Extra300L Scott_AV
I just finished modifying this plane this afternoon and it has very quickly become one of my favorites for 4.5! It's ...
(trumpetguy27, , 34.1 KB)
04-25-2009 1031
Extra330L DC scott2_AV
Hey everybody, I loved the original of this plane... Rick Did a GREAT job with it and Duane and Seth made it fly nic...
(trumpetguy27, , 38.8 KB)
11-26-2006 1496
Extreme Flight red ehite blue ...
Hey Guys, Here's a "scale" yak scheme that is based on the Extreme Flight RC red white blue and yellow Yak. P...
(trumpetguy27, , 330.1 KB)
07-03-2009 604

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