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Strongmankb_F-16C Nitro Models...
Here is a video of me flying aerobatics with my modified F-16 that flies like my Nitro Models F-16 Pusher. I love how t...
(strongmankb, , 503.4 KB)
11-12-2007 734
Strongmankb_Model Tech Extra_R...
Here is some aerobatic flying of an extra 300s I modified to fly like my real life Modeltech extra that I converted to e...
(strongmankb, , 1.15 MB)
11-12-2007 439
SU-30MKx kb_AV
Here is my varient of this amazing aircraft. It has actual thrust vectoring where the nozzles actually move!! I also p...
(strongmankb, , 23.6 KB)
12-02-2007 1231
This is the T30 Katana made by FlyGuy.
(strongmankb, , 2.80 MB)
02-07-2007 6322
Thunderbirds 2_CS
Here is a different variation of the Thunderbirds color scheme.
(strongmankb, , 49.6 KB)
10-31-2007 761
TOC Ultimate_AV
This is my attempt at making a TOC Ultimate that I made a long time ago and recently updated to fit G3.5. This plane is...
(strongmankb, , 36.1 KB)
12-01-2006 1336
Yellow w/ Black Stripes.
(strongmankb, , 131.2 KB)
04-29-2007 881

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